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May 26, 2023

Dive Into Gaming Nostalgia With Halfbrick+

Dive Into Gaming Nostalgia With Halfbrick+

Remember the golden age of mobile gaming? Those carefree days of slicing through watermelons and strawberries, jetpacking joyfully through the sky, and battling hordes of undead? At Halfbrick+, we're not just reminiscing about those days - we're bringing them back, better than ever!

Halfbrick+ is your destination for premium mobile gaming. An oasis in a desert of ad-laden mobile games, it's an entirely free service that is not just a tribute to the past, but a celebration of the future.

Be Early -> Play Free

Pre-registration opens on the 26th of May, so mark your calendars. This is your chance to be a part of a game-changing journey, one where you don't just play our games, but help shape them.

Made By Gamers, For Gamers

We understand the magic of gaming. We know the satisfaction of slicing that last piece of fruit in Fruit Ninja, the excitement of weaving through levels in Jetpack Joyride, and the thrill of punching through enemies in Dan the Man. We've spent over 20 years spreading joy through our games, and now, we're taking it to the next level.

Never-Before-Seen Games

Much like the scientists in Legitimate Research, we are forever tinkering away with game prototypes and we want to bring our users behind the scenes. Halfbrick+ players will also be able to play and shape the games which are currently being worked on. That means you get access to future Halfbrick hits, way before they come out.

Future Hit Games

We don't just bring back the old; we create the new.

New games will drop every month! From Action Puzzle, to Strategy, to the juicy arcade games we're known for - there's something new to experience everyday!

Halfbrick+ isn't just a service; it's a playground for nostalgia. A place where you can dive back into the games you loved, and discover new games to fall in love with.

Pre-register Now

This is your invitation to embark on a journey where gaming memories are made. Pre-register for Halfbrick+ today.



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