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July 11, 2014

Fish Out Of Water now FREE on Android!

The wait is over! After months of anticipation, Fish Out Of Water is now available for FREE on Google Play and Amazon Appstore. Yes friends, it's finally here!

We've been looking forward to this moment for quite some time, so it feels good to share the news with of our most loyal and passionate Android supporters. (Thanks for being so patient!)Great care has been taken to bring you a highly polished, well optimised and super enjoyable Halfbrick experience. We're incredibly pleased with the results and hope you feel the same way.

Meanwhile, we've also incorporated a number of newer features such as trophies, faster weather changes and vastly improved stat tracking. Even "Hard to Please Harwood" is impressed!

Put simply: Fish Out Of Water is an easy choice for instant fun. Grab some buddies, form a league, and get ready to make a splash. We'll be right there with you!


Get it on Google Play

Available at Amazon Appstore

Download on the App Store (also free!)

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