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April 18, 2013

Fish Out Of Water - Out Now!

Halfbrick is back in action! Fish Out Of Water, our brand new game, is now available worldwide on the App Store! We’ve been blown away by the initial reaction and fan response has been out of this world!

Leagues are already in full swing and it’s great to see tight-knit communities forming so soon after release. A special shout out to the viewers of Touch Arcade, reddit and NeoGAF who are already leading the way!

Development for Fish Out Of Water began in October 2012, and over the past two months we’ve been applying our signature level of polish and charm to the game. Simplicity and ease of use are at the forefront of design, but there’s much more to this adventure under the surface!

We’ll be covering that in much more detail over the coming days and weeks, so join us over on Facebook and Twitter to continue the conversation!

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"Fish Out Of Water is a splashing good time."- IGN

“Fish Out Of Water is a fantastic follow-up to Jetpack Joyride.”– Touch Arcade

“Fish Out Of Water is a laid-back, gorgeous game that's ideal for relaxing on the beach.”– Slide To Play

“Fish Out Of Water is an enjoyable sea creature-flinging romp.”– Pocket Gamer

"Fish Out of Water is an adorably addictive iOS game."- Mashable

"The only negative about the game is probably the fact that you will lose hours of productivity."- App Advice

Behind the Scenes - Art & Sound:

Behind the Scenes - Tech & Design:

Official Trailer:

Fish Out Of Water is available for US$0.99 as a universal app on iOS devices worldwide. Grab your copy today, join a league and kick some butt!

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