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June 5, 2014

Age of Zombies lives again!

It’s been four years since Age of Zombies first hit the market. FOUR YEARS. Can you believe it?

The game has come a long way since then and the team at Halfbrick is still committed to bringing you high-quality content on a regular basis. Starting today, users on iOS and Android can download a brand new update featuring our craziest vehicle yet, a revamped health system and controller support for leading tablets and smartphones.

But it doesn’t end there. Over the coming months, Halfbrick’s R&D team will be adding support for over-the-air updates on multiple platforms. This will drastically reduce development time and should allow us to release updates on a fortnightly or even weekly basis.

We’ll be able to alter in-game assets, balance stats and add new content without the burden of lengthy QA times or rigorous approval processes. Fresh content will be pushed directly to your device without affecting stability or hindering performance.

Halfbrick is also looking to involve the community on a much larger scale, meaning your ideas will have unprecedented influence over what we do and how we do it. Our social media team will be crowd-sourcing ideas for new locations, epic story moments, ferocious zombies and more.

Make no mistake, your ideas have been a source of inspiration from the very beginning. It’s clear you want an even bigger say in development, and the team at Halfbrick is working to make that happen. These exciting new tools are the final piece of the puzzle.

We’ll be discussing this at length as our plans come to fruition, but for now we’ll leave you with the detailed release notes for our latest update. Post your feedback in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter if you have any questions. We’re keen to hear what you think!



Prepare for the ride of your life! Barry has tamed the Zombie T-Rex and is using it as a makeshift vehicle to travel through time. Get ready to dish out some prehistoric punishment in the most unique and exhilarating way possible!



- Nyko PlayPad Pro



- MOGA Pro

- MOGA Pocket Controller

- Samsung Gamepad

iOS 7:


- SteelSeries Stratus

- Logitech PowerShell Controller

- Razer Kazuyo

Mini Consoles:

- Amazon Fire TV


- nVidia Shield

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