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January 21, 2011

Android Fruit Ninja adds Arcade Mode!

It's true! We heard your pleas and went for the big one - the long-awaited Arcade Mode is now available on the Android version of Fruit Ninja!

In Arcade Mode, you have 60 second to reach the highest score possible. However, we've added a few secrets to help you along the way! Look out for the special bananas, which have amazing effects such as Double Points, Frenzy and even Freeze! Combine the banana powers for some truly devastating fruit carnage, and don't forget to rack up those combos for even higher scores!

At the end of every Arcade Mode game, you will also receive bonus points for your slicing prowess. Take every opportunity to hit some truly astronomical scores and astonish your friends!

WEEKLY LEADERBOARDS - Best of all, you now have the chance to see how you stack up against your friends! At the end of Arcade Mode games, you will be able to view the Weekly high scores of your online friends!

NEW ICE BLADE - The Dojo receives another addition in the form of the Ice Blade! You'll be one cool customer while using this bad boy to slice!After so many overwheming requests for Arcade Mode, we are proud to finally bring it to our Android players. Enjoy, and stay juicy!

To purchase the game, simply go to the Android Market on your device and search for Fruit Ninja. Alternatively, you can use this online barcode with a scanning application:

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