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September 17, 2013

FAQ: Band Stars Soft Launch

Hi all!

Band Stars has just been unveiled to the world and we’re here to shed some light on the soft launch process. It’s an exciting time for all involved and a huge milestone for our friends and partners at Six Foot Kid!

Band Stars was first released on the Chrome Web Store in June, 2012 and since then the demand for a mobile version has been overwhelming. We’ve been working hard to make that a reality and a worldwide release is so close we can almost touch it!

Alas, just like the colourful cast of Band Stars characters, we’re starting locally and working our way up the charts (or so to speak). We’re launching the game early in both Canada and our home country of Australia before opening it up to a global audience at a later date.

There are several reasons for doing this, and each one centres around one thing and one thing only: creating the best experience for you, the player! Read on for more information about how this will work and check back often for regular updates!

What is a soft launch and what do you hope to achieve?

A soft launch is essentially the release of a product to a limited or restricted audience for testing and tweaking purposes. We want to make sure Band Stars is nothing short of perfect and that’s where you come in!Your feedback will directly shape the finished product and will form a crucial part of the testing process. The soft launch also provides a great opportunity to analyse our server capabilities to ensure everything is in place for a worldwide audience.

Will you be making changes during the soft launch phase?

Yes, it’s important to note that we will be tweaking a range of values during the soft launch phase. This may include pricing, quantities and time limits, although we anticipate any changes to be minimal. Don’t be alarmed if you notice any adjustments as that’s what the soft launch is all about!

Where can I download Band Stars?

The game is currently available in Canada and Australia on the iTunes App Store. A global release is slated for later this year.

When can we expect a worldwide release?

No date has been set as it will depend largely on the feedback we receive during soft launch. The testing phase will run for at least a few weeks and may be extended if more ambitious changes are needed. Either way, expect a global release before year’s end!

What new features can we look forward to?

Once we decided to take Band Stars to mobile, we decided to do it right. We took everything we learnt from initial fan feedback and put that directly into the iOS version. The challenges have been overhauled and we've added loads more content to the game.

The art has been updated and polished to within an inch of its life. The recording, song sales, charts and solos have been amped up and we've added viral hits to give that extra bit of pay-off. We've improved how energy works and revamped the store to make it easier for players to access the awesome instruments, characters and upgrades.

In short, there’s much to look forward to!

What about Android? Any plans for other platforms?

We are definitely coming to Android with a date still to be determined. Watch this space for details!


Thanks for taking the time to read our Band Stars FAQ. We hope it answers your questions and will continue to add additional information as needed. Now stop reading and go play Band Stars already!**Unless you're not in Australia or Canada, in which case check out the trailer and then imagine how awesome it's going to be to play Band Stars!




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