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October 23, 2013

Barry Steakfries Costume Tutorial by Valerie Daniels

Halloween is just days away! Are you prepared for a night of scares and excitement? Do you need some help with your outfit? Don’t leave it till the last minute! Creating the perfect costume is no easy feat, especially if you’re strapped for cash. Luckily, we’re here to help.Valerie Daniels recently attended San Diego Comic-Con and blew us away with her impressive Barry Steakfries cosplay. We asked Valerie to share some cost-effective tips with the community so you too can suit up in style. Here’s what she had to say!


Now, I’m not a pro by any means. Sometimes things don’t work out. You move to plan E, things are scrapped, etc. But I LOVE to create. I love to express my fandom and it’s a wonderful feeling when you get props for what you've created! So below is just a quick breakdown of how I recreated Barry on a budget. Enjoy!


Just like every other woman in the universe, I like to shop. I LOVE sales and getting more for less. Now, just because I like to shop, that doesn't mean I like to shop for clothes. Gadgets and trinkets are more my thing. So, because I love a bargain and I needed to alter Barry’s attire, I went to a place called AmVets.

I looked through all the clothing racks and found the blue jacket and pants. I also found a plain white business shirt and cut the sleeves at the seam. The jacket was a lot harder and it took several attempts to get the jagged edges right. Finally, I used Fray Check on the edges so it wouldn't fray. The only downside was that it made the edges really sharp. Ouch!


I got the belt at AmVets as well. It’s a military style fabric belt and I was lucky to find a brown one so I didn't have to mess with it. I kept the metal buckle it came with so I could easily attach something to it. I also had a bubble pendant which turned out to be the perfect size.

After that I just printed the gravity belt symbol and placed it in the bubble pendant. The back of the pendant was metal and the buckle was rounded at the edges, so attaching it like that just wasn’t going to work. To get around that I just glued some craft foam in between and it stuck perfectly.


Yup! I just had to make Air Barrys because #1 they’re cool and #2 they’re one of my favorite things to use in the game. I already had some old all-white shoes. I cleaned them up and made some passes with white shoe polish.

I colored the soles with black acrylic paint and sealed them. Red acrylic paint was used for the sides. I printed out the the AB, attached that to some craft foam and then again to the shoes. I even took some creative liberties and made an Air Barrys logo, kind of like the Air Jordans one, which I attached to the tongue.


My hair was already short but I had it trimmed just so I could attempt his hairstyle. It didn’t quite turn out as planned, but with all the product I used my hair didn't go anywhere all day!

THE BOMBS:I printed out three bombs, attached them to some craft foam and then strung them along an old lanyard which I hung off of my jacket.


Time just slipped away from me so I wasn't able to make a jetpack. Instead, I came up with a last minute “Have You Seen” sign. First, I found a really cute picture of Barry and his jetpack chilling at the beach. I put that on one side and Flash on the other. I also set up an email address and even a scannable QR code. My husband got them laminated for me and I put them on a jumbo fly swatter from the local dollar store. It made for the perfect sign!

And there you have it: my Barry Steakfries creation!

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