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November 6, 2013

Colossatron is back! Action News 6 reporting live across the world

November 6th, Brisbane, Australia

The team at Halfbrick is proud to present the latest details in the ongoing story of Colossatron: Massive World Threat, the studio’s newest mobile game crash landing across the world in 2013.Today marks the first instalment in a series of reports from the team at Action News 6, covering the story from inside the studio and on the ground as Colossatron wreaks havoc across the globe. Here’s the scoop on the dedicated professionals bringing you the action.

Rick Dalton – Almost too dashing for his own good, Rick is the lead anchor of Action News 6 and lifetime activist for robot rights. He seems to be somewhat pleased about Colossatron’s progress – maybe he just loves the attention it brings?

Katie Hazard – Field reporter for Action News 6, Katie is right in the midst of the destruction as she follows Colossatron reporting on the latest cities to fall, and the continued efforts of the military to stop the beast.

General Moustache – The planet’s last hope against Colossatron. Ballistics tests have shown that the only thing powerful enough to destroy his facial hair is an explosive diamond-plated round, so if anyone is a bad enough dude to stop the beast, it’s General Moustache. His hobbies include bare-knuckle boxing, constructing armor-plated canoes, and knitting.

In today’s footage streaming live from Metronia, the first continent under assault, Katie Hazard drops in on General Moustache for an interview. Having just captured one of Colossatron’s Powercores, a crack team of military scientists is hypothesizing their way to victory! Tune in to Action News 6 now to find out more!

Watch the News Report!

About Colossatron

Colossatron: Massive World Threat is the latest game from acclaimed Australian developer Halfbrick. It’s the ultimate in role reversal, putting players in control of a gigantic armored snake from space, bent on destroying the planet! Ongoing information will be revealed as the game nears completion.

Colossatron is scheduled for release in 2013.

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