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February 5, 2012

Community Recap - January 2012

Hey guys!

We’ve hit the ground running and 2012 is shaping up to be an incredible year. It’s hard to believe February is here already and it’s time we caught you up on some awesome fan-made content!

Our remarkable community never ceases to amaze us and we get a huge kick out of showcasing your skills and creativity. As always, be sure to send through your favourite creations and we’ll do our best to give them the credit they deserve.

Just email or send us a link on Twitter!

Here's a selection of the latest gems to catch our eye.

Cat Plays Fruit Ninja on iPad

Could this house cat be leading a double life as a ninja? Maybe it’s the real life Puss In Boots? We may never know but one thing is for sure: this clever kitty has some crazy Fruit Ninja skills! Watch as it turns an iPad into a super expensive cat toy and racks up a score of 128 points! Now we truly know why Ancient Egyptians worshipped cats. httpvh://

Fruit Ninja Cupcakes

Ninjas hate fruit... but they love cupcakes!! Watch these amazing creations come to life in a cool time lapse video by Joey The Caking Girl. We worked up an appetite just watching this video and even those pesky bombs look delicious! I know what I want for lunch tomorrow. httpvh://

Fruit Ninja: The Movie. Fan Made Trailer

Roll out the red carpet; some budding directors have created a live action trailer for Fruit Ninja: The Movie! This would undoubtedly be a massive blockbuster hit if it existed and fans are now clamouring for an official Fruit Ninja film! That's not likely to happen any time soon but we'd never say never! How do you think it stacks up against our first ever trailer for Fruit Ninja?httpvh://

Fruit Ninja Nails

Feast your eyes on this incredible Fruit Ninja nail art by Nina van Oordt! We couldn't believe how detailed these tiny creations were and can't imagine how much time and effort they would've taken. Be sure to visit Nina's deviantART page for more amazing nail art!


This awesome picture was drawn by 8-year-old Liam Brockwood of Portland, Oregon. Liam is a huge fan of Jetpack Joyride and his favourite vehicle is by far the Profit Bird. He's prestiged the game on several devices and currently sports this awesome artwork on his school-yard locker. The masterpiece was created as part of his second grade school work and we think it definitely deserves an A+!

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