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October 11, 2014


UPDATE: We have our winner! Congratulations to Miguel Espinal, designer of the epic Tornado Belt!


What a week! Yes Chef has been released to a global audience, Age of Zombies just got a sweet new update, and more than 700 million kills have been registered as part of our Zombie Month community challenge. Now it's time for one last surprise!

Thanks to our friends at NVIDIA, Halfbrick is giving you the chance to win a brand new NVIDIA SHIELD Portable valued at 199 USD! This device packs some serious power, and is just what you need to fully immerse yourself in all the Age of Zombies action.

To enter, design a brand new weapon for Age of Zombies. It can be anything you want: melee, long range, or perhaps a sentry gun for our newly released Horde Mode. Just let your imagination run wild and see what happens. The rules of logic need not apply!

Oh, and one last thing. While artistic talent will obviously come in handy, it's not the only thing we're looking for. A creative design or clever idea could easily secure your victory. Just focus on the details and give it your best shot. You've got to be in it to win it!

COMPETITION SUMMARY:- Design an out-of-this-world weapon for Age of Zombies- Give your newly created masterpiece a worthy title- Include a brief summary of how the weapon would function- Submit your entry via email, Twitter, or the comments section below!

Competition closes 10AM, Thursday October 23 (AEST).

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