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October 7, 2016

Who are the characters in Dan the Man?

Bam! Pow! Hiyah! By now, we should all know that the characters of Dan the Man are hard-hitting, nose-breaking and bone-crunching bad-asses, but exactly how well do we know them? Read on below to get the dirt on your favourite Dan the Man characters!


Strike hard. Hit fast. Dan doesn’t have a choice. He is the main character of this game. He has to stay alive. Getting drunk, partying with the king and spewing all over himself -- Dan started out not being quite the hero we hoped he would be.  However, little did we know. Cue beating up baddies, slaying dragons and defending the innocent villagers from the Knights – Dan has a job to do, and he’s there to do it!(Although in all honesty, he may take some time to get there.)


Tough as nails but pretty as a picture – Josie is the perfect female. Handy with a machine gun and good with her fists, Josie will fly a jetpack amongst a hundred baddies just to keep Dan safe. Having uncovered a conspiracy that enslaves all the villagers in Dan the Man, Josie becomes the unwitting heroine of a story that was never really hers to tell. Unluckily for Josie, she may have picked the wrong guy in this stage for her happily ever after. Will she finish the story by herself? Or will she get there in the end with Dan by her side? Find out in Stage 8 of Dan the Man!


Can a story be a story if the hero doesn’t have a little help from his sidekicks? Bring in the Geezers – two random strangers who just happened to be in the pub when they turned out to be the catalyst for the a beautiful love story! Whether it’s peer pressuring Dan to have a beer or showing him a few tricks on how to move that booty, one thing we know for sure is that if not for the Geezers, the Dan and Josie story might not have happened. So thanks, guys!

The King

There are so many questions we want to ask the King. Why does he never have any clothes on? Why is he such an incompetent king? How does he throw such smashing parties? And lastly, where did he get that beard trimmed? But we’ll save it for another time. He’s too drunk anyway.

The Red Ninjas

The fighters for peace, the defenders of justice. The Red Ninjas has long strived to do what’s right for the people. Cloaked in a red ninja suit and often seen running around hiding behind stone walls, who exactly are the Red Ninjas? Just as the conflict between the peaceful villagers and the King’s evil Knights reach an all-time high, it turns out the Red Ninjas have a trick up their sleeves too.

The Knights

The quintessential to any story – the Knights are the baddies in Dan the Man.

Characterised by the menacing clench of their teeth, their rippling muscles and the determined glint in their eyes to wreak havoc on the peaceful villagers, the Knights are the Yin to the Red Ninjas’ Yang. Will they prevail in the end, or will Dan finally do the right thing? Find out in Stage 8 of Dan the Man now!


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