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June 2, 2012

Fruit Ninja Anniversary Cake

This AMAZING cake was created by Charmaine Wood of Sweet Frostings Cake Design for the two year anniversary of Fruit Ninja.

The magnificent creation was made on the Gold Coast, Queensland and then transported by car to Sydney for the grand finals of the Fruit Ninja Anniversary Tour.

It took a total of 70 man hours to make and was powered by 28 individual high powered LEDs. 1.5kg of gum paste was used for the figurines and flowers, with 7kg of fondant being used to decorate the dojo and board.

Once assembled, the cake stood 22" high and weighed a total of 38.5kg. In fact, the cake was so large that Charmaine was forced to travel separately to make room for it in the car!

Miraculously, nothing moved or broke during the trip, making for an unforgettable and delicious end to the Fruit Ninja Anniversary Tour.

And yes, for those wondering, it did taste as good as it looks! 18.5kg of chocolate mudcake and 4.5kg of chocolate ganache ensured just that.

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