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November 2, 2010

Fruit Ninja's new Arcade Mode announced

After 6 months and over 2.5 million sales worldwide, Fruit Ninja is still receiving high quality free updates! Today Halfbrick is pleased to announce the biggest and most anticipated addition to Fruit Ninja ever! Since the release of Zen Mode, players have been wondering about the ever-elusive secret banana mode, happily residing on the mode select screen. The Fruit Ninja team would not be content releasing a sloppy, rushed addition, and as such the new mode has been developed under lock and key with an iron fist of juicy quality. It was shielded from the world.

Until today.

Announcing Arcade Mode, the most intense and exciting addition to Fruit Ninja yet! It adds so much more to the value and satisfaction of Fruit Ninja, while still keeping the simplicity and ease of play as top priority! Players have 60 seconds on the clock to achieve the highest score possible, but this isn’t any old boring 60 seconds. We’ve added some serious power in the form of bonus colored bananas which fly up on screen. Slice one of those and get ready for action!

Double Points – This banana will award you double points for a short period of time. Criticals and combos count too, so rack up those fruit for some massive scores!

Frenzy – If you’re not content with the amount of fruit on screen, the Frenzy banana will take care of that. A mammoth amount of fruit will begin flying in, but you have to stay focused to slice it all!

Freeze – The entire screen will slow down, allowing for maximum accuracy and combo potential!

Best of all, the bananas can be stacked! How about activating a Freeze, Frenzy and Double Points bonus all at once? On top of that, if you keep the combos going the game speed will increase and you can achieve a massive combo blitz!

But there’s more! At the end of each game, your skills and scores during the 60 seconds will be rated and you will achieve three unique awards, good for a certain number of bonus points each! Not enough? Exclusive to Arcade Mode is the new Weekly Leaderboards system, where you can instantly compare your scores against those of your online friends!

Arcade Mode is massive, and Halfbrick is proud to release it as a free update, saying thanks to the millions of fans around the world for their continued support! Coming in early November, Arcade Mode makes the best value 99 cent App Store game even better!

Oh, and it’s coming for Fruit Ninja HD on iPad at the exact same time.

And there’s a trailer. It’s awesome.

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