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September 17, 2010

Fruit Ninja update with Game Center!

What a crazy week it's been. Flying around the world attending gigantor conventions, showing off all of our games to our rad fan base, and now releasing mammoth updates to our amazing game Fruit Ninja. I come back to Australia from the hectic USA schedule only to be punched in the face by a massive wad of awesome. The awesome in this case is Game Center, and the fact that Fruit Ninja is one of the very first games in the world to feature network multiplayer!

The new multiplayer requires iOS 4.1 with Game Center, and the devices compatible are iPhone 3GS and above, and iPod Touch 2G and above. These are technical requirements from Apple and Game Center required to run the new multiplayer mode. A key challenge when developing for iDevices is the number of models and OS versions to account for, and as time goes by we are literally required to adapt compatibility. If you don't have the minimum specs required, we greatly apologise - but you will most certainly be able to download our future updates including the secret banana mode!

To get started, log in with your Game Center account, and select New Game. You’ll see the new Multiplayer option available – slice that and you’ll join the lobby. Simply select Auto Match Up, hit Play Now and you’ll be automatically pitted against another ninja! Alternatively, send an invite to one of your Game Center friends to throw down the challenge!

The game is simple – your fruits are blue and your opponent’s are red. Slice blue fruits, avoid the red fruits and keep an eye out for the elusive white fruits – these can be sliced by either opponent and award extra points! The combos are still in full force, so you must bring your A game to the table and rack up some huge scores!

Finally, you can rest assured that as per usual, we will be updating the game with more goodies in the very near future! The secret banana mode is very nearly complete, and we will be adding more Game Center functionality including leaderboards and achievements.

Thanks for all your support and we look forward to bringing you more Fruit Ninja content soon!

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