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June 13, 2011

Fruit Ninja Kinect announced!

Get ready to strap on your ninja gear because Fruit Ninja Kinect is on the way to Xbox Live Arcade! With an announcement and hands-on demonstrations with media last week at E3, Fruit Ninja Kinect is already one of the most anticipated downloadable games of 2011.FNK brings all of the action that millions of fans worldwide have been playing for over a year and takes it to the next generation using full Kinect support for slicing the world's most perfectly delicious produce! Classic, Zen and Arcade modes are all available with online leaderboards and challenges, along with two brand new multiplayer modes exclusive to FNK.

Battle Mode pits two players head to head in a juicy melee where they must slice fruit of their own color - but the white fruit are up for grabs and can be sliced by any player! Team Arcade is cooperative madness, featuring more fruit on-screen than any other Fruit Ninja game before.

FNK is officially part of Xbox Live's Summer of Arcade promotion, so you can expect to see more news and announcements over the coming weeks leading up to release. Head over to the official page at to see all the media and marketplace content, and check out what some players had to say about their experience with the game at E3:]

NEW YORK TIMES"I ran into this game by accident, and it provided the most fun I had in three minutes all week."

DESTRUCTOID"Fruit Ninja Kinect is surprisingly precise. In fact, it may be the most responsive Kinect game I've played to date, mirroring my actions one-to-one at a shocking smooth clip."

CNN"Conquering the Apple Store apparently wasn't enough for these ninjas."

GamePro"I haven't played many Kinect games that I really liked, but Fruit Ninja's formula works incredibly will when paired up with the device, and plays like a natural party game."

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