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August 15, 2013

Fruit Ninja now on PS Vita!

It’s official: Fruit Ninja is now available on the PS Vita!

Get ready to slice your way through mountains of fruit as you unlock awesome blades, rad backgrounds and complete achievements for ultimate bragging rights.

Classic, Zen and Arcade Mode remain fully intact along with Gutsu's Cart and supercharged power-ups for all that juicy fun!

We’ve also added a host of unique features just for the PS Vita.

Use the power of PlayStation Network to battle it out in ranked online game modes or settle a score via private matches with your closest buddies.

Leaderboards will track your rise to the top and integrated Voice Chat will let you walk the walk AND talk the talk!This is made even better thanks to the PS Vita's beautiful 5-inch display and rear touchpad support for crafty ninjas with a trick or two up their sleeve.

You can download Fruit Ninja RIGHT NOW from the PlayStation Store so grab a copy and make Sensei proud. Slicing fruit is as fun as ever!

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