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February 24, 2011

Fruit Ninja updated on iPhone and iPad

Fruit Ninja has now been updated on both iPhone and iPad with some amazing new content! You asked for new Dojo items and we deliver these five new sensational blades to warm Sensei’s heart!

SHADOW BLADE – This super sweet blade was forged in darkness, void of all good.

PIXEL BLADE – Show how cool you really are with a blade that harks back to the days of 8-bit gaming.

BAMBOO SHOOT BLADE – Made in the forest that Sensei himself grew up in, this is one awesome blade that is bound to impress!

PARTY TIME BLADE – Every swipe will feel like you’re partying like it’s 1999.

PIANO BLADE – Make some sweet, sweet music as you destroy fruit with this groovy slicer.

In addition to the blades, we've also thrown in some awesome, much-requested features.

New Weekly Leaderboards - Based on the success of the Arcade Mode Weekly Leaderboards and our number one requested feature, Classic and Zen Modes now both include Weekly Leaderboards! At the end of every game, you will be able to view the Weekly high scores of your online friends! Show them who the real Fruit Ninja master is across all three modes!

Fast App Switching - Got interrupted by a phone call or text in your last Fruit Ninja gaming session? With the implementation of Fast App Switching you will be back in the action in no time at all!

All of these additions are now available as a free download for both Fruit Ninja and Fruit Ninja HD! Please enjoy, and feel free to let us know your favorite new blade in the comments!

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