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May 4, 2016

Halfbrick 15: Five things you might not know about Halfbrick

So much can happen in 15 years. In that amount of time, we’ve been graced with the excellent Lord of the Rings films, indulged our inner wizards with the Harry Potter series and gone through three console generations. It’s also how long Halfbrick has been alive and kicking for, and we’re pleased to share an animation giving you the 90-second lowdown on our rich and storied past.

Of course, while everyone knows about our hits like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, here are a few quick facts about us that you might not know:

1. We’ve worked on games for a wide range of IPs, from Star Wars to Avatar: The Last Airbender. You can check out the full list here!

2. Jetpack Joyride was originally called Machine Gun Jetpack, but the title had to be changed as it was considered to be too violent for younger audiences. We did try to think of alternatives such as Machine Fun Jetpack, but we’re happy we stuck with Jetpack Joyride!

3. We’ve previously worked with huge franchises such as Skittles, American Idol, Ghostbusters, and Back to the Future. What do we have coming up next? It’s a secret for now!

4. Celebrity Fruit Ninjas include British Prime Minister David Cameron, One Direction, Kim Kardashian and Andrew Lincoln of The Walking Dead fame. Zombie Fruit Ninja? Hmm…

5. Our head office is in Brisbane, the capital of sunny Queensland, Australia. It can get disgustingly hot in summer and the storms hit hard, but there’s nowhere we’d rather be.

How many of these Halfbrick facts did you know? As always, thank you for all your support and stay tuned for more celebrations! You can check out the list of content we’ve released so far via this Halfbrick 15 blog entry.

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