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January 8, 2016

Halfbrick opens doors to brand new studio!

You can only ignore a problem for so long.

With more than 100 employees, a legion of clumsy Legitimate Research scientists, a Dojo in the backyard, figurines, samurai swords, and a dragon’s nest on the roof, it was finally time to face facts: Halfbrick Studios was officially out of space.

“We didn’t even have room for experiments,” said a Legitimate Research employee who wished to remain anonymous. “Plus, we couldn’t leave on time because our vehicles were always parked in at the end of the day. Only the Crazy Freaking Teleporter could get out.”

Luckily, a Halfbrick strike team had long been aware of this issue and was working diligently behind the scenes to find a much-needed solution. The result? A shiny new 2,200 square metre building with multiple levels, rooftop access, and a giant carpark for unauthorised jetpack testing.

“After months of searching, we finally found the perfect place to call home,” said Rinal Deo, chief financial officer at Halfbrick. “It was a bit too corporate at first, but we’ve taken the edge off and created a really fun space where people can feel relaxed and inspired. The entire Halfbrick family loves it here.”

“Yes, even Mr. Cuddles,” he added. “Honestly? I’m just glad we have more toilets,” said James Schultz, community coordinator at Halfbrick. “It was pretty bad for a while there. You don’t even want to know.”

So, other than a few extra toilets, what’s so special about Halfbrick’s new workplace? We’ll be answering that very question on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram over the coming weeks. Join us there for exclusive videos, pictures, and whatever else we can dig up. Stay tuned!

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