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December 12, 2016

Holiday update comes to Dan the Man!

WOW! Holiday season already…and Dan the Man is bringing the slam with a BAM…and boy is he going to need it with what we’ve got installed for him!

What would that be you might ask? Well, let me tell you:


We’ve added a whole new area for Dan to explore! With a fresh side quest and frosty holiday theme, you won’t find a “cooler” area for Dan to get his punch on!


It wouldn’t be the holidays without the right outfits, so you can bet we’ve got you covered there.


We have some new enemies for you to tango with: the snowball-lobbing Balthazar and the flamethrower-wielding Rick!


Let’s just say you won’t want any presents that RoboClaus tries to give you…


Ready for the Holiday fight-fest? Update now and let us know what you think! DOWNLOAD DAN THE MAN FOR FREE

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