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July 3, 2013

Jetpack Joyride 1.5 - Rolling Inventory FAQ

Our new Jetpack Joyride update is jam-packed with content! We've added a new vehicle, more jetpacks, several outfits and that's just the beginning! There's still plenty to come thanks to our all-new rolling inventory system which adds new content every week. Read on for all the details!

How does it work?

All jetpacks and outfits, both new and old, are now on a giant loop. There will always be a set number of items available for purchase and these will be rotated on a weekly basis.

As new items are added, others will be cycled out. These could be completely new items or fan-favourites returning to the game. The process continues until we're back at the beginning.

What happens if I miss an item? Is it gone for good?

Nope! It's important to note that no items have been permanently removed from the game. Items which are currently missing will eventually return as the cycle progresses.

What about the Rainbow Jetpack? I can't get the Hippy achievement!

Don't worry, it will definitely be back. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages so you don't miss out!

How long will a newly added item be available?

It takes approximately 22 weeks for a full loop to complete. That should give you plenty of time to save those coins and add to your ever-growing collection of goodies!

Will I need to buy an item again if it gets removed from The Stash?

No. All purchases are permanent and will remain in your inventory for good.

How do I know if a certain item is about to be removed?

All outgoing items will be available for half price in the lead-up to their removal. More specifically, you'll have exactly three days to get them at a reduced price!

Will I need to update the game each week in order to access new content?

No. All items will be automatically added if you have version 1.5 or above. Just load the game with an active internet connection and they should appear.

Can you tell us more about the remaining jetpacks and outfits?

It's a secret! We've prepared a huge number of items and can't wait to reveal them all. In fact, we've doubled the amount of content! Check back each Friday to see which ones have been added and let us know what you think!

Will other platforms receive this update as well?

Yep! We're working around the clock to bring this new content to as many people as possible. The new update is already available on iOS and Android with more storefronts to follow soon.

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