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August 23, 2011

Announcing Jetpack Joyride - releasing worldwide September 1st!

Fans around the world will definitely know of the game we have been working on for several months now - Machine Gun Jetpack! It has received amazing coverage and lots of great buzz, but over time the game evolved so much that it became even bigger! Announcing Jetpack Joyride, the game formerly known as Machine Gun Jetpack, releasing September 1st and absolutely packed with content!

I got together with Luke Muscat, creator of Fruit Ninja and lead designer of Jetpack Joyride to chat about what you can expect with our biggest mobile release of the year. Don't worry - you will still be able to fly in the Machine Gun Jetpack in all its glory, but we've also added the Bubble, Steam, Laser and even Shark Head Jetpack to take for a ride! There's no limit to the creativity we can bring to Jetpack Joyride and look forward to hearing just what the community is looking for in our future updates.

You'll be riding in jetpacks, collecting coins, going for a spin in a huge variety of vehicles and even levelling up by completing in-game missions. On top of that, you can view your progress in The Stash, purchase new upgrades and items and compare scores online with your friends.

Jetpack Joyride is a huge package and one we're incredibly excited to be releasing. It will be available for 99 cents worldwide as a universal app for both iPhone and iPad. Stay tuned for more information as we lead up to September 1st!

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