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May 24, 2012

Jetpack Joyride: Meet Flash the Dog!

Get ready for the newest member of the Barry Steakfries family... Flash the dog!

Legitimate Research had no idea when they created the latest and greatest gadgets that one of them would turn out to be Barry's new best friend!Flash runs alongside, helping you by collecting coins, tokens and more! That is when he isn't busy jumping on scientists and sniffing the ground. Legitimate Research even modified Barry's vehicles to include Flash, such as a sidecar for the Bad As Hog, his own gravity suit and more.

We also introduce the DJ headphones to the shop, which swaps the regular theme music to an intense techno remix!

New Gadgets

Flash the Dog

Barry's best friend, Flash helps you collect coins and more!


Zappers are prone to failure and sometimes fizzle out.

Turbo Boost

A crazy flying contraption that drops boost rings, flinging you forwards in a destructive explosion!

New Shop Items

DJ Headphones - Slip on these bad boys and turn the volume up high!

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