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May 24, 2012

Live Photoblog: Fruit Ninja Anniversary Tour - Sydney

We're here at Sydney's beautiful Darling Harbour for the second leg of the Fruit Ninja Anniversary Tour! Yet again we'll have up to the minute coverage of all the action as it happens. If you're in town, be sure to stop by for a slew of awesome activities! We've got free shirts, plush toys, and every attendee scores a free copy of the newly updated Fruit Ninja! Join us as we search for Australia's next Fruit Ninja Master!

10:45: We've just rolled into Sydney after an amazing opening event in Brisbane. Meet the happy faces from Halfbrick who are here to share in all the fun!

10:53: Oh, and we've got some real-life ninjas with us as well!

11:06: Nothing will stop these little ones from getting their hands on the game!

11:17: The Berry Blast causes some on-screen carnage for a nice, juicy boost!

11:31: We need more iPads! Friends bunch together for an early look at the next Fruit Ninja update!

11:49: School's out! The Fruit Ninja Anniversary Tour is where it's at.

12:12: "Best excursion EVER!" More school kids get their free shirts signed by the Fruit Ninja developers.

12:26: The scores just keep getting better! Who can slice their way to the top of today's leaderboard?

12:45: Sydneysiders escape the rain as the action heats up at the official Fruit Ninja dojos!

13:20: Rocking out with the guys from Nova 96.9!

13:54: Free shirts for our top notch fans!

14:20: We've got free plushies to give away as well! Just look at how awesome they are.

14:39: All the top 10 scores are now over 1,000! Keep it up, Sydney!

18:11: We're still having an absolute blast here at Darling Harbour! Check out our awesome Sydney backdrop.

18:50: 10 minutes to go and people are still playing for a chance to become the Fruit Ninja Master! Will we have a last minute upset!? Only time will tell!

19:07: We now have our second finalist thanks to an amazing score of 1389! Tashi Angmo will play for a trip to Japan at the grand finals next week in Sydney! Congratulations, Tashi!

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