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May 26, 2012

Live Photoblog: Fruit Ninja Anniversary Tour - Melbourne

We've already found the best players from Brisbane and Sydney but now it's time for Melbourne to shine! The final qualifying leg of the Fruit Ninja Anniversary Tour is underway and we're expecting big things here at Federation Square. The action runs until 7pm so stay tuned for regular updates throughout the day!

10:21: Hi-ya! Federation Square is about to get flooded with ninjas!

10:46: Nova in the house!

11:13: Local Melburnians immersed in the action.

12:07: Smallzy from NovaFM catches up with fans after a quick game of Fruit Ninja.

12:30: Federation Square is a hive of activity! Come join us if you're not here already!

12:56: If there's one thing we've learnt, it's that these leaderboards don't stay static for too long! Who knows what the final score will be!?

13:18: The creators of Fruit Ninja are on hand to answer your questions and share their expertise. We'd love to have a chat so please say hello!

13:42: We've got a crazy amount of free Fruit Ninja swag to give away. You know you want some!

14:05: Fruit Ninja is truly a game for all ages. This lady shows the younger generations how it's done!

14:26: There's been a bit of a shake up at the top of the leaderboards. Danii Johnstone is now in first place with a great score of 1344!

14:50: Fun for the whole family at Federation Square!

15:10: Spirits are high as the fun continues well into the afternoon.

15:31: Protective gear is not such a bad idea with all the sweet, juicy destruction going on!

15:49: Another one bites the dust! Aleks Svetislav rises to the top after scoring 1368 in Arcade Mode.

16:07: Lucky winner Alex scores two tickets to One Direction courtesy of Nova 100.3!

16:29: And she's back! Danii Johnstone has reclaimed her spot at the top of the leaderboards with an EPIC score of 1445!

16:35: We also discovered that Danii flew all the way from Sydney just to compete in today's tournament! Unfortunately, she's forced to fly back with almost three hours until the final bell sounds. Will her score be able to stand the test of time!?

16:53: Sensei and Watermelon plushies are our gifts to these awesome fans!

17:36: Halfbrick employees look on in awe as this 6-year-old maestro consistently scores over 1000 points!

17:48: We're having so much fun we didn't even notice it was raining!

18:00: The sun has set but the night is young! We've still got an hour to go and anything can happen!

18:28: King Dragon Le just set the second best score of the day! Did we mention he's only 6 years old? What a little champ!

19:05: We now have our third finalist after an amazing tour around the country! Jess Nunn will compete against Brisbane and Sydney's finest in an attempt to become Australia's Fruit Ninja Master!

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