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May 6, 2017

Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force: Meet the ninjas!

By now you've probably heard the news that our YouTube Red Originals series, Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force, is now available! If you haven't already, you can check out the first episode for free on Halfbrick's YouTube Channel. (Go on, we'll wait.)Now that you've had a fruity taste, let's get to know the four hero characters (and one peculiar old man) a bit better!


Seb is an honourable, goofy, and courageous young guy with a secret – he’s come into possession of an ancient and incomplete scroll that delineates the long-forgotten Martial Art: Juice Jitsu. As emotional core of his group, Seb feels like the scrolls have spoken directly to his sense of honor and love of adventure and dedicates all of his efforts to proving himself worthy of The Way of Juice Jitsu. Of course he’s only got an incomplete set of scrolls, so Seb’s training is incomplete... which leads to hilarious gaps in his knowledge! Seb is the unspoken leader of the Frenzy Force gang, and when they bicker, fight, compete, prank and proclaim themselves the best, he reminds them of the fact that they are the future of the Fruit Ninjas. So when push comes to shove and shove comes to a tornado axe kick, Seb is able to coax these three to put aside their petty disputes and become a mighty force of fruity fury!


Niya is a super-focused modern girl. She does it all, usually before lunch! She has no time for the pettiness of her peers, but she does like a challenge and kicking butt with the other Ninjas. She is driven - maybe too much – and does not always think before she acts. Niya lives her life by a strict timetable of her own design, but while he's equally inspired and repelled by her overly-managed existence, Seb knows that in an emergency when she breaks away from her schedule, he has a true friend. Of course, she’ll take over the fruit stand and franchise it tomorrow if he ever shows the slightest weakness!


The personification of a sugar rush, Peng’s energetic aura and unbreakable spirit make him the unpredictable wildcard of the bunch. Peng is Seb’s best friend and pocket-sized wingman. While not super-focused, he manages to charm his way into any situation. Peng represents the comedy relief of the four and will be the first to ram his head through a wall - just to see if he can. When he’s not narrowly avoiding disaster by the skin (or peel?) of his teeth, he can usually be seen on his phone, on his phone, or on his phone. Despite his nincompoopery, Peng has lots of heart that makes up for his lack of foresight. While he likely didn’t listen to a word you said, he’ll do whatever he does with a one-hundred-and-ten-percent effort. Peng’s lack of risk-calculation skills means he is the guy who is up for everything.


Standing taller than the rest of his fellow ninjas and brandishing a large axe and shield, Ralph is the powerhouse of the team, always leaving a trail of destruction, juice and pulp in his wake. Despite  his  skills  in  demolition,  Ralph’s  the  kind  of  guy  no  one  can  hate.  He  operates  from  a  strong  sense of justice, always bravely putting the mission ahead of his own wellbeing. While not the brightest banana in the bunch, Ralph possesses a simple wisdom that often escapes his conventionally clever teammates. Whenever Seb, Niya and Peng get side tracked by overcomplicated plans, grand ambitions, or personal glory, it’s usually Ralph who brings them down to earth with some common sense in the form of a single sentence, smoothie or slice. Sometimes  Ralph  feels  as  though  he’s  not  keeping  up  with  his  more  cunning  companions,  but  they  wouldn’t  have  him  any  other  way.  Despite  his  occasional,  impassioned  mis-judgements,  Ralph’s  strength, courage and good nature make him an invaluable member of the Fruit Ninja team.


We’re not sure what his actual name is, but there is one thing we’re sure of, and that is that the only living Fruit Ninja Sensei is a kook! Turning the traditional "wise old sensei" stereotype on its ear, our Sensei is a bit of a wild card. He tests Seb and the Ninjas by showing up to the fruit stand in very poor disguises, sending them on missions and helping them along the way. Not that he’d ever admit it, but it seems Sensei is learning as much from the kids as they are from him. This modern Sensei bears a striking resemblance to the Sensei of Katsuro, Mari, Han and Nobu’s time. However, being that there’s no way someone could live for over a thousand years, he couldn’t possibly be the same guy, right? RIGHT?!

Stay tuned for our post about the other Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force characters - the dastardly villains!

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