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May 31, 2017

Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force: Meet the villains!

Following on from our blog post about Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force's hero ninjas, let's meet the evil (and occasionally unfortunate) villains from our YouTube Red Originals series!

PS: If you haven't already, you can check out the first episode of Frenzy Force for free on Halfbrick's YouTube channel!

Rinjin/Durian Grey

A former Fruit Ninja student who was long ago cast out of the pursuit due to his “experiments”, Durian Grey has perverted the knowledge of the Fruit Ninjas and combined it with dark magicks in order to give himself vast powers!  So far, his expertise lies in creating fruit golems and Chumplings who wreak havoc and wanton destruction, but one day this megalomaniacal expat will find a way to turn his work into true power. Durian Grey has somehow gained a tainted immortality through his dark arts, though these days he’s looking a little worse for wear. Our modern heroes remain unaware that Durian Grey is actually Rinjin, the same enemy fought a thousand years ago by their very ancestors! Durian Grey is bound to eternally serve his old master, the Deep Fried Samurai. While the DFS is no more, rumour has it that his bloodline survives to this day.  Though technically only a servant, Durian Grey is potentially very dangerous as he's the only one with the power to transform Mark Samurai into an actual threat!

Mark Samurai

It isn’t just the Fruit Ninjas who have significant ancestors! Mark Samurai is the Deep Fried Samurai’s great, great, great, great etc. grandson. He's a tubby, bumbling fast food chain heir, and is a constant disappointment to his prominent and actually rather pleasant (it seems the Samurai family dropped the whole supervillain thing generations ago) family. Having an obsessive interest in all things martial arts, but possessing no discernible skill or ability, Mark Samurai is insanely jealous of the Fruit Ninjas, so much so that he seeks to destroy them however he can! Mark Samurai is always on the hunt for the Fruit Ninjas, who would be the perfect adversaries for his greasy style of mayhem... but he can’t find them! His ego, lack of imagination and pressing concerns as the head of a fast food empire constantly get in the way of his battling our heroes. A sometimes-loveable buffoon, the Mark Samurai simply cannot get his act together, and often goes to Seb’s Juice Stand to complain about it! One day, the Deep Fried Samurai Mark II may very well become a thorn in the side of our fledgling heroes, but for now, he’s too busy keeping the rest of us in stitches.

Clean Bee

Clean Bee is a slightly crazy cleaning product mascot obsessed with cleanliness, symmetry and chromatic order! Most would say that she takes her job way too seriously. She despises the messy ways of the Ninjas and will do whatever she can to thwart their chaotic and sticky fruit-slicing ways. She’s somewhat of a supervillain and wanted in several countries for erasing important historical documents and cleaning priceless artworks right off of their canvases! She has a secret weakness for any citrus fruit (or even citrus Fruit Ninja) with a lemony-fresh scent, and is particularly interested in the cleaning potential of the legendary Freaky Fruits rumoured to be held deep within the Fruit Ninja dojo.

King Scumworm

King Scumworm is the beady-eyed, bipedal, and very disgusting looking-king of scumworms! Scumworms are tiny worms that bore into fruits and turn them rotten. Scumworm-infected fruit is virtually impossible to draw power from, which is a serious problem for the Fruit Ninjas! To make matters worse, anyone unfortunate enough to eat a scumworm-infected fruit will have their brains controlled by their new host! Unfortunately/fortunately, King Scumworm possesses the intelligence of an ordinary garden variety worm. He’s neither good nor evil, just stupid. This makes dissecting his motives, predicting his plans and reasoning with him near impossible both for the Fruit Ninjas and also any enemy who’d try and use King Scumworm and his minions against the Ninjas. More animal than human, King Scumworm doesn’t speak, is in a constant state of confusion and spends most of his time staring blankly and bumping into things. He’s also super-strong, which isn’t ideal for the Fruit Ninjas.


Krackleflint is your average megalomaniac, insectoid, interdimensional alien overlord. His plans involve taking over the universe through overly convoluted and roundabout means.When he’s not performing overly-theatrical monologues and delivering drawn-out diatribes, he’s trying to enslave the human race by means of flavoursome beverages, or he's watching the Transgalactic Table Tennis Championships with his alien buddies.

We hope you've enjoyed learning more about Frenzy Force's baddies! Do you have any villains that you love (or love to hate)? Let us know in the comments!

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