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February 20, 2014

New Colossatron Update Has Arrived!


Colossatron continues to grow in strength and power thanks to a highly explosive new update. General Moustache will not be a happy camper!

This action-packed add-on is now available on iOS and Android totally free of charge. Here's a list of all the goodies you'll be able to get your hands on!

SIX NEW WEAPONS – Bring the pain with a host of badass weapons including The Reaper, Boomerang Launcher, Black Hole Generator and more!

FREE PRISMS – Join us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube to receive free Prisms in the game. BOOM!

IMPROVED TUTORIAL – Master the basics and then take to the battlefield to hone your skills and craft expert strategies.

SOCIAL BRAGGING – Post your Survival scores to Facebook or Twitter and show the world how it’s done!

And there you have it. Now go blow stuff up!


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