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May 31, 2016

Our top 5 favourite Star Skaters!

With 50 unique levels, over 20 decks, and 35 characters to choose from, the million dollar question is: who should I skate with? From skating clowns to fluffy pandas, and even grumpy gorillas, Star Skater offers plenty of characters for you to choose from. Here are five of our favourites!

  1. Coming in at number five is Zombie Dan! This may seem like a strange choice given that zombies are typically known for being slow and cumbersome, but when Dan’s on the deck there’s just no stopping him!
  1. The newest members of the Halfbrick family are none other than skating siblings Ricky and Rhonda. Joining the ranks alongside Barry, Colossatron, and Sensei, our favourite siblings have DEFINITELY proved themselves as Star Skaters. But wait, who do you think is better on the deck: our lovely lady Rhonda, or Ricky?
  1. Weighing in at number three is Bones the Skeleton! If there’s one thing Bones knows, it’s how to put on a show. Whether you want to do a 360 mid-air or take a last-second sharp turn, Bones is our favourite to trick with!
  1. Number two on our list is Tony Eagle! The most experienced skater in our line-up, legend has it that Tony skated out of the womb. Death-defying tricks, jumps, and powerslides? No biggie for skating legend Tony Eagle!
  1. Last but not least, our favourite Star Skater is none other than Halfbrick’s very own Barry Steakfries! You’ve seen him gun down monsters in Monster Dash, you’ve seen him bash through walls in Jetpack Joyride, but can he skate? Umm… of course he can!

Now that you’ve seen our picks, we want to know yours! Did we miss someone? Do you disagree with our selection? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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