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April 23, 2012

PAX East Recap

PAX may be well and truly over but that doesn’t mean the discussions have to end! The entire experience was amazing and it’s only fair that we share the details with those who weren't lucky enough to make it. Read on for a full recap of our biggest PAX ever and thanks to everyone who visited our booth – we had an absolute blast!

We kicked things off on Day 1 expecting most people to run straight past our booth en route to the crazy triple-A spectacles which could only be described as a "show within a show." Thankfully – and much to our surprise – the loyal Halfbrick fans flocked to our booth by the thousands and we started the expo in style.

Day 1 saw plenty of funny and unexpected moments, with fans from all walks of life stopping by to chat and get in on the action. The line for Fruit Ninja Kinect immediately wrapped around the side of our booth and stayed that way as fans waited patiently to participate in the first of our daily leaderboard competitions.

Visitors battled it out for a custom Fruit Ninja Xbox 360 and needless to say the competition was fierce! It came down to the wire, but ultimately no one was able to catch eventual winner TJ who set a cracking pace with a score of 734 in Arcade Mode. TJ also insisted that this was his first time playing the game which makes his achievement all the more amazing! It set the tone for a great streak of battles, with some players even sticking around for the ENTIRE three days.

Thankfully, the fun didn't stop there. Halfbrick also ran an iPod Touch giveaway on each consecutive day with very straightforward rules: wear the button, catch the plushy, win an iPod. The Halfbrick-themed buttons were snapped up like hot cakes and our real-life Fruit Ninja made a special appearance to help out with the giveaways. Crowd numbers grew each day and you can see some awesome photos below as people reached for the skies in an attempt to catch the prize-winning plushies. Awesome times indeed!

The other attraction which proved hugely popular at our booth was Jetpack Joyride 1.3. Fans were able to get hands-on with the soon-to-be released “Gadgets Update” and feedback was astounding. Visitors unlocked all 15 gadgets in no time and it was exciting to see which combinations quickly emerged as fan-favourites.

We got a huge kick out of showing the update to hardcore fans and we're even more excited for its release after seeing the reaction. It’s safe to say you guys are in for a treat so be sure to stay on the lookout over the coming days!

That just about sums up our time at PAX East but there are plenty of awesome photos which tell the story far better than we ever could. The excitement is summed up perfectly by the clever costumes, happy faces and colourful fans who made our trip so darn incredible. We’d like to extend our humble thanks to all who stopped by and we hope to see even more amazing people at a show near you soon![gallery]

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