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September 13, 2012

PAX Prime 2012 Highlights

Is there anything cooler than PAX? Seriously, if there is then we want to know about it because right now we're struggling to think of anything better.

We’ve been back in the office for just one week and already our crew is having major withdrawals from the sights, sounds and epicness of a truly remarkable event.

This year marked Halfbrick’s fourth time at PAX Prime and the first for each team member who made the long journey from Brisbane, Australia.

We’d heard plenty of great stories but nothing can compare to actually walking the streets and knowing that 90% of the population shares the same passion for playing games.

Inside, our booth was met with a fantastic response and we had an absolute blast hanging out with loads of cool people and fellow gamers.

We had multiple competitions running for the duration of the event and demand for Halfbrick goodies was high. Good thing we came prepared, then!

Visitors were treated to an onslaught of swag including free buttons, DLC for Fruit Ninja Kinect and even Fruit Ninja candy for those with a sweet tooth.

The scientists from Jetpack Joyride were also in town to oversee proceedings and conduct a quirky experiment involving the latest in "balloon flight technology".

Fruit Ninja Kinect proved popular as always and it didn’t take long to identify the hardcore fans who were hell-bent on winning a custom Xbox 360. Good times indeed.

Ultimately, PAX Prime will be memorable for one thing and one thing only: the fans.

Whether it was the tiny youngsters playing Fruit Ninja Kinect, or the awesome Fruit Ninja cosplayers who put so much effort into their costumes, we will not forget you.

Thanks for making our time in Seattle so special. We can't wait to do it again!

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