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October 6, 2015

PICS: The DeLorean Time Machine visits Halfbrick Studios!

On a bright and sunny day in Brisbane, Australia, two very exciting things happened. First, it was the official launch of Jetpack Joyride’s new Back to the Future™ update. The second? A DeLorean Time Machine materialised out of thin air, right here at Halfbrick Studios!

Accompanied by its very own Doc Brown lookalike, this custom DeLorean Time Machine included a working Flux Capacitor, time circuits, and even a couple of plutonium gauges. Heavy stuff!We also spotted a little Marty McFly. Cute or what?

And before we could say, “Hey, get your hands off her”, hordes of Halfbrick employees – fuelled by nostalgia and caffeinated beverages – had crowded around the DeLorean Time Machine for a once-in-a-lifetime photo op. You gotta get your nerd cred somewhere, right?

Associate product manager Jed Dawson, who designed the gameplay for the Back to the Future™ update, was still pinching himself later that afternoon. “It felt very unreal to see a real-life DeLorean,” he said.

For those wondering – yes, the DeLorean Time Machine is very much the real thing that you can take out on the roads. The epic modifications made by its owner, Mike Ando, made the entire experience even better for all of the Halfbrick employees involved.

Now, if only we could’ve tested it out with some plutonium! Maybe next time…

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