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April 14, 2011

Raskulls Reinforcements 2 out now!

It's round two for Raskulls Reinforcements, with four new characters stepping up to race against the best and four new tracks including the awesome Tempest Tunnels level! This is the final Raskulls DLC and available for download right now on Xbox Live for 160 Microsoft Points. The new additions to the team are:

  • General Battlebones - proving that seniority means superiority
  • Robot - who is some twisted scientist's bizarre creation
  • Witchdoctor - with more curses that you can shake a voodoo doll at
  • Scurv - the final and dumbest of all the evil henchmen

Collect the final four characters to complete your full roster and hit the new levels with some serious power! We're rounding off the huge range of content we've been creating for our dedicated fans, and want to thank the communtiy for their awesome support and spreading the word of Raskulls! Keep on racing and BONE ON!

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