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November 22, 2010

A Raskully Update!

Hey everyone, today I'd like to check in and get everyone up to speed with what's been happening with Raskulls and Halfbrick. I know there are many fans out there anxious to get their hands on the game, and even becoming frustrated with the time the game has taken. Rest assured that we understand your woes, and now that lots of things are back in order here at Halfbrick I can tell you that we will be making a very exciting announcement - VERY soon!

With Fruit Ninja, Monster Dash and Age of Zombies really taking off in a big way this year, we've found huge success and naturally meant we needed to keep the momentum going. Raskulls has been in a near-completed state for some time, but due to logistical issues and trying to ensure the best possible release, it has been delayed. Until now.

There isn't much I can say right this second, but all will be revealed very shortly. Raskulls is still coming. It is 100% complete, 100% awesome and we are finalizing the last details for launch. Thanks to all for your patience and support, and you can expect Raskulls on XBLA in 2010.

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