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October 19, 2016

Spooky Halloween treats await in Fruit Ninja Free!

The spookiest time of year is here again and we’re pulling out the treats (as well as a couple of tricks) in Fruit Ninja Free! Prepare yourself for a host of delightful frights with our brand new Halloween tournament, with creepy new goodies up for grabs.

Play against Truffles, Nobu, Mari, Han, Katsuro and Rinjin in the Halloween tournament to earn candies that can be exchanged for a brand new blade and dojo. It’s easier said than done though – each of the characters have both tricks and treats at their disposal to mix gameplay up, like changing the size and position of the fruit.

What are the new blade and dojo, you ask? We’re glad you did! Unleash mayhem with the Bat Blade, which spawns carved watermelons. Slice the watermelons along with other fruit and watch them explode in a massive combo.

For extra spookiness, play in the dark with the new Candle Graveyard dojo. Extinguish the flame to unleash ghost fruit that will add bonus points when sliced. We can’t wait to see your new high scores with these at your disposal! That’s not all though – you can also use your candies to buy the special dojos used in each character’s tournament stage.

The Halloween tournament will only be available in Fruit Ninja Free until the 15th of November, so don’t be a scaredy cat - grab your costumes, decorations and your device and play now!


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