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November 16, 2017

Uncover terrifying truths in Shadows Remain

Boxes fill the hallway. A child’s toys lay scattered across the floor. Takeout boxes litter an empty benchtop.  After an exhausting day of moving, journalist Emma Winters is woken by the sound of a cell phone echoing in her new home. But something’s amiss...Who turned on the TV? Is that… music? And what is that horrible static? Most importantly, where’s Alex? Emma reaches for the television without any idea her life is about to change… forever. Shadows Remain is Halfbrick’s unparalleled plunge into the depths of darkness. With strange things at play, Shadows Remain promises to keep players on their toes as they interactively navigate their way through the darkly woven storyline, which follows one mother’s desperate journey across multiple time periods to rescue her only son from a sinister and malevolent force.


  • Use augmented reality to solve mind-bending puzzles and deceptive optical illusions in a chilling tale spanning several decades.
  • Inspect hidden objects and cryptic clues to unravel a disturbing mystery underpinned by jealousy and betrayal. Revisit the past in search of answers.
  • Lose yourself in detailed 3D environments which blur the line between cinema, mobile entertainment and AAA gaming.
  • Use your phone to see behind objects, shift perspective, and reveal what hides in plain sight. Nothing is ever as it seems.

Shadows Remain will be released episodically over the course of a year and is free to download. DOWNLOAD NOW

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