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September 29, 2015

Update incoming! Where is Barry headed next?

There are no secrets that time does not reveal.

The Jetpack Joyride team has been teasing a new update for the past few days, and our social media channels have been abuzz with all sorts of theories as to what Barry is up to. Some people have guessed correctly, while others have asked us for a little extra help.

In this blog post, we’ve consolidated all three teasers into one convenient location for those who are still struggling to piece together the clues. So, strap on your Jetpack, Joyriders – Barry is speeding towards his next adventure, and it’s time to catch up!

6,000,000 years ago – The Jetpack team has spotted Barry hiding in a cave! What are those strange Palaeolithic paintings on the wall?

200 years ago – On the lonely roads of the Wild West, the Jetpack team finds Barry getting ready for a classic showdown. But wait, what is that familiar silhouette in the background?

40 years ago – Vinyl chairs, bomber jackets, rock and roll. Barry has been spotted sitting in a diner daydreaming. What could the future hold for our time travelling protagonist?

Three teasers. Three different eras. One Barry. As the clock counts down, have you figured out where Barry is, or where is he going next? Most importantly, are you game enough to go along for the wild ride?

All will be revealed on October 1st when Jetpack Joyride’s next update is released, so put on your seatbelts and hold on tight. It’s gonna be FLY!



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