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December 11, 2012

Winners: Fruit Ninja Papercraft Contest

We've kept you waiting long enough! The time has come to reveal the winners of our Fruit Ninja Apptivity Contest!

For those who missed it, we asked our awesome followers on Twitter to submit a creative photo of this completed Sensei papercraft. The prize? A Fruit Ninja Apptivity figurine courtesy of our friends at Mattel!

As expected, the quality bar was super high and we had a tough time narrowing down the entries. After much deliberation, we managed to settle on the following three submissions, giving us the winners of the 2012 Fruit Ninja Papercraft Contest. Check them out below!

Competition Winners

1. Photo by @chenlin_kng

2. Photo by @RaulieBrownie

3. Photo by @yangyang_712

A huge thanks to all those who took the time to send in a photo. All of the entries were fantastic, which is why we've decided to award 150,000 Starfruit to everyone who participated!

We'll also be giving away more Fruit Ninja Apptivity sets over the holidays, so be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the juicy details!

Until next time... thanks for all your support!

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