VR Privacy Policy.

Last updated on 20 March 2023

Thank you for playing our game and taking an interest in privacy! This is our privacy notice. It sets out how Halfbrick handles your personal data. If you download/play our games, you agree to this privacy statement which also forms part of our Terms of Use.

Kids: Remember to be smart and safe online! Never give someone your information without first asking your parent/guardian if it is OK. Don't give anyone your photo, or tell anyone your name, email, home address, telephone, your school or any other information about you that they could use to contact you either online or in the real world.

Parents: We are committed to the safety and privacy of the children who use our Services. We encourage parents/guardians to actively monitor their children's online activities. See more information below about children's privacy and our Child Safe Apps.


This is an addition to the general privacy policy and describes how we use, share, and protect information that we may collect from players of Fruit Ninja VR and Fruit Ninja VR 2.


We do not collect or store personal information, though we may integrate our software with platform SDKs (Steam, Meta, Viveport, Pico) that do store information in order to provide achievements, leaderboards, and other services. This information is stored and managed by the platform provider. To request such information be deleted, please contact the platform provider directly.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of the above-mentioned data or if you would like assistance in the deletion of your data, please contact us at privacy@halfbrick.com

Use of information

Player’s username with scores and experience
The collected information is used to facilitate leaderboards and unlock weapons based on the player’s experience.

Aggregated, anonymized, and disidentified play data
This information is used to support the internal operations of the app. The aggregated data cannot be used to identify any particular player.


We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time, for example, to reflect changes in law, our practices, or features of Fruit Ninja VR and Fruit Ninja VR 2. Such changes will be effective immediately upon publishing. By playing Fruit Ninja VR, you agree to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy.